NJ Kids Online: Custom Website Redesign and Redevelopment

Our customer NJ Kids Online provides a comprehensive online resource for New Jersey parents to help them plan activities and events for families to enjoy.

User Centric Approach:

  • Spent time upfront to fully understand challenges and requirements
  • Used data driven insights to shape content architecture, solution design and features
  • Users and their location were central to how we designed and developed functionality

Summary of our delivery:

A complete custom website redesign and redevelopment project, key deliverables:

  • Fully responsive redesign and functionality
  • Refreshed logo with the creation of new supporting sub brand logos
  • Designed and developed a fully customisable search bar and event calendar functionality
  • Designed seasonal specific landing pages to promote activities across the year
  • Surface related content to drive cross promotion
  • Implemented technical best practices for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Utilised Geotargeting to surface content closest to user’s location
  • Social media sharing and social media channel placement
  • Designed and developed Microsites each with their own navigation
  • Modular driven design to allow the publishing team to create new landing pages and modify components for existing pages

Technology Profile: