Azure Consultancy Services

Make sure you’re getting the most from your Azure setup with our Azure Technical Audits. As your Azure consultant, we’ll assess how your current technology setup is serving your goals and deliver expert advice to optimise your usage, so you receive the full benefits of Azure.

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Azure Consulting Services by I‑Finity

Whether you’re just starting out with Azure or have been using it for years, our Azure Consulting Service will help optimise your setup so you can make the most of its many benefits.

If you’re currently using Azure for a web app, Software as a Service (SaaS) product, or simply managing your business applications and databases, this service is for you. We can also help if you’re still figuring out how to migrate your applications to Azure.


Azure Technical Audits

As part of our Azure Consulting service, we offer technical audits to assess your existing Azure setup and usage. During these audits, we’ll review everything – from the resources you’re using to how your Azure platform has been architected.

We’ll then provide you with a documented discovery report, along with recommendations for immediate quick wins and suggestions for longer term commitments, as appropriate.

These recommendations typically cover the following areas:


  • Azure resources:

    • Is your implementation set for optimal scale and performance?

    • What is being used – are there any idle resources that could be optimised for cost-savings and efficiency?

    • Are there new Azure features available that could benefit your usage?

    • Are there any built-in services that should be utilised, such as MySQL?

    • Could we split the resources into more purpose-specific uses?

    • Database implementation – is there scope for Elastic Pools versus separate databases?


  • Architecture implementation:

    • Does the existing Azure set up provide adequate resilience, security, performance, data backup and recovery?

    • Is there an opportunity for longer-term commitments that could help deliver significant operational efficiencies?


  • Unique customer requirements based on individual strategic objectives, such as:

    • Security

    • Data Encryption

    • Access management

    • Compliance and Governance

    • Logging and proactive monitoring


Our Azure Technical Audits are for customers who:


  • Already have an Azure implementation in place.

  • Use Azure to support existing web applications and/or SaaS products.

  • Depend on their current Azure implementation to support web apps or custom software products that are in MVP/Prototype phases.

How do our Azure Consulting Services work?

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Step 1: Discovery

We’ll start by reviewing your current Azure setup to understand how it’s implemented, the services it’s running and supporting, and any challenges you’re facing.

This will allow us to identify the areas we need to focus on to support your business objectives. It will also guide us in determining how we present our recommendations, whether they're immediate actions for quick wins or longer-term strategies.

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Step 2: Scope

Based on the learnings from the Discovery phase, we’ll create a clear scope of work. This document will outline our understanding of your current situation, your goals, and whether there are any specific focus areas for the audit.

This scope will be sent to you for review and requires approval before we begin the audit.

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Step 3: Technical Audit

Once approved, our Azure expert will require access to your Azure environment to review your current implementation, focusing on the aspects agreed in the Scope.

If we have agreed on a general audit with no particular focus areas, our expert will review every part of your Azure implementation to check if there are any areas of opportunity and/or concern and whether it’s supporting your overall goals.

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Step 4: Report & Recommendations

After the technical audit, we’ll provide you with a documented report that includes:

  • An overview of your current Azure implementation

  • Any areas for potential improvement

  • Our recommendations for immediate quick wins or longer term improvements, based on the approach agreed in the Scope

  • Clear explanation on the benefits these recommendations will deliver, whether it’s eliminating potential risks or identifying operational overheads.


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Step 5: Review & Consultation

We’ll guide you through our documented recommendations, explaining why they're important and how they can benefit your business goals. We’ll also present the suggested changes in order of priority, so you can decide which to tackle first.

Finally, we’ll discuss how to implement these changes and explore ways to continuously improve and optimise your processes.

Case Study: Azure in Financial Services

We took over the initial MVP of a financial expense management solution on Azure for a customer who needed specialist Azure expertise to audit their current setup.

Following the Technical Audit, our team produced a detailed report with recommendations to improve their Azure usage. We then implemented our quick win recommendations by reconfiguring their Azure subscriptions for scalability – consolidating, relocating and deploying resources for optimisation, and enhancing Disaster Recovery with more robust backups.

As a direct result of this quick win work, the customer achieved a monthly saving of 60% through reduced Azure subscription costs.

Read the full case study.

Monthly saving of 60% through reduced Azure subscription costs.

I‑Finity Azure Services


Our Azure services go far beyond consulting. We can provide full management of Azure Cloud services, managing your web apps, services, storage, databases, backup, recovery and more.

We also assist customers with their Azure Cloud Hosting, providing ongoing support, optimisation and implementation of technical strategies to keep up with the ever-changing demands of their operations.

Other Azure services include:




Why partner with I‑Finity

  • We are Azure development experts

We have proven experience in designing, developing and optimising Azure systems across a range of sectors, including:

  • Geospatial

  • Financial Services

  • Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Publishing

  • Education

  • …and more


  • We are agile and adaptable

We understand all customers and businesses have their own needs, goals, budget and timing restrictions. We’ll work within your unique set of requirements to deliver a plan that meets your needs and can be broken down into phases.


  • We prioritise security

I‑Finity is Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certified - certification shows our data management, processes, infrastructure and systems have been verified by a third party.


  • We are Microsoft Azure Partners

I‑Finity is an accredited Microsoft Silver Partner. Our team of Azure specialists have proven expertise and experience across all Azure products, including:

  • Cloud and App Services: Azure Functions, Integrations, APIs, Azure DevOps, Backups, Azure Logic Apps

  • Database and Storage: MySQL, SQL, Elastic Pools, Sharded Databases, Azure Blob Storage

  • Security, Authentication, Governance and Identity: Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Azure Active Directory)


Contact us about our Azure Consulting Services.