High performance websites that are intuitive, user friendly and search engine optimised. Our website design services balance design, functionality and usability needs.

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Website Design Services

With our extensive experience we develop high performance websites that are user friendly, responsive and secure. Our approach ensures we connect you with your customers online seamlessly.

Our website development services balances design and functionality needs - we understand the importance of showcasing your brand whilst ensuring functionality provides a consistent experience for all your customers. Contact I‑Finity today to discuss our website design services and how we can help your business.

Benefits of our website design & development services:

  • Implementation of website designs in “mobile first” method to prioritise smaller screens
  • Content architecture for optimal content set up, site structure and search optimisation (SEO)
  • Customised design and functionality to meet specific needs of your target audiences – with no use of pre-defined plug ins that often come with limitations
  • Customised content editing experience for simple and effective website content management
  • Cloud hosted websites for scalability, security and high availability
  • Security by design approach protecting both back and front end of websites with industry best practises
  • Accessible websites with adherence to WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Guidelines
  • Content Management Systems (Umbraco and Agility) that are open source, enterprise ready and cloud based - fully compliant with up-to-date legislation (GDPR, Security) 
  • Access everything you need for your website project with a single agency including web design services, web development, cloud hosting services and ongoing support


Regardless of the size or scope of your website requirements, I‑Finity will provide you with website options that best meet your requirements. You can also enjoy a cost-effective managed Azure Cloud hosted solution that can grow and shrink to meet your exact website needs. 

Selecting I‑Finity as your web development agency will leave you with a secure website built using industry leading platforms.

Agile Software Development

With our Agile Software Development process, we will spend time with you to explore all creative options and capture your full requirements. Our team will lead this end-to-end process from initial discovery through to final testing and deployment.

The Agile process allows us to break down a website project into a prioritised set of features that deliver the most value to your business. It provides a unique opportunity for our customers who wish to be involved throughout the website project. With regular demonstrations for early customer feedback this allows for changes to be implemented easily whilst the project is still being developed.

Our team will scope, design, develop and support websites that are responsive, secure and scalable. Utilising the Agile framework ensures we remain focused on the users of the website as this approach drives quality.

We support website projects of all requirements ranging from:

  • New website design services and development services
  • Website redesign and redevelopment
  • Upgrades and enhancements to existing websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Migration of existing websites from other platforms to our industry leading platforms
  • Developing system integrations and database driven websites

Everything we do is customised to meet the unique requirements of each customer project, this enables us to deliver solutions that are fast, efficient and secure with no comprises on quality. We help our customers create engaging and positive digital experiences.

Website Design, functionality and content working seamlessly together

york architecture

Case Study

Indie York: Interactive Map and Directory

Redesign and Redevelopment of existing website to offer more user-friendly features

Indie York Redesign & Redevelopment

Why choose I‑Finity as your web design agency

  • benefit star rosette icon
    Customised websites and functionality delivering on the exact needs of your customers
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Automation and operational efficiencies with system integrations to support business operations
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Easy to use content management systems that make it simple to keep content updated
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Inclusive web experience for your customers with accessible and responsive websites working the same across all web browsers, devices and screen sizes
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Positive online customer experiences and strong search presence with fast and performant websites
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Trusted web design and web development company providing scalable and flexible websites where capability is easily extended as businesses grows

Robust and Secure Technology

When developing websites, we do not use platforms that restrict or limit capability with the use of pre-defined plug-ins, these often come with little to no governance around security and quality.

Our investment is with industry-leading technology delivering complete security compliance and providing flexibility for our team to make the right design and development decisions. 

The technology stack and platforms we use to deliver bespoke websites: