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Gatsby.js is an open-source framework with performance, scalability, and security built-in. A React-based framework that provides a modern front-end framework to enable development teams to create super-fast websites and web apps. In simple terms it is a static site generator that leverages React. This enables our Gatsby web development team to build websites that only use static files to deliver super-fast page loads. Gatsby enables us to collect data from any source, platform, third party APIs and content management systems, its capability to retrieve data from anywhere is impressive!

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What is Gatsby – and why choose it for web development?

The simplest way to describe Gatsby js is to start from what it enables us to do:

  • it enables development teams to create web apps and websites using React whilst working with any data source (CMS, API etc.) - this means we can connect to existing systems that may already be in use
  • once it builds Gatsby pulls the data from multiple sources and renders static files that are highly optimised by Gatsby for performance
  • performance is achieved by Gatsby only loading critical HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver a site that can load super-fast
  • once the site is loaded Gatsby prefetches resources for pages as required to ensure clicking through a site feels incredibly speed

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Gatsby.js became an obvious fit for I-Finity’s web development team as:

1: It aligns with I-Finity’s core principles of delivering secure and high-performant websites

2: It utilises modern and latest technology for creating highly secure solutions this enables us to deliver benefits to customers that come with new technology implementations

3: Provides us with complete flexibility to design content architecture based on the specific requirements of every customer project

What can Gatsby web development deliver for your business?

  • Super-fast and seamless website experience for your customers
  • Scalable website that can grow successfully to meet increased user demand
  • Speed benefits that positively impact search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Enjoy high availability and reliability ensuring you remain connected with your customers
  • Simple to complex solutions can be architected to suit businesses of all sizes and scope
  • Security benefits achieved from de-coupling database, backend infrastructure and front-end interfaces
  • With its continuous integration process, it is fast and easy to make and deploy changes to production

What is Gatsby JS used for?

Gatsby js is used to build super-fast websites and apps, it enables developers to bring in data from anywhere, including content management systems, API’s, databases, files and document repositories. It is geared for integrations, mobile and easy deployment with its static files. The React based framework and its rich data layer makes integrating different content, APIs and services into one engaging web experience extremely simple.

You Can use Gatsby for:

1: Building fast static websites and apps where the speed of serving content online is critical for customer experience and to support SEO goals, improve lighthouse scores and conversions

2: Creating rich web experiences that can combine data from anywhere – if you’re using other platforms to support your business operations these can be easily integrated

3: Delivering security and scale for static sites with the ability to decouple backend and frontend interfaces – sometimes you need simpler content management architecture

If you’re looking for a super-fast and modern web app or website, contact our team of Gatsby and React JS experts who will architect a high-performance solution.

Talk to us about your requirements and our Gatsby experts will advise you 

Gatsby, Next and React

Gatsby is built on React, it is a powerful framework for quickly building rich and engaging UIs (user interfaces).

React is a comprehensive and popular framework for developing web apps, it provides powerful tools that enables our development team to build rich UIs (User Interfaces) quickly. It is free and open-source front-end JavaScript library used for building user interfaces based on UI components.

Gatsby provides the static capability and React provides the core functionality, Gatsby brings together key tools like React, GraphQL and others into a single framework for building websites.

Next. JS & Gatsby

Next.js and Gatsby are both React-based frontend frameworks, an application built with Gatsby or Next is still a React application. Both frameworks offer front-end enhancements for rich user experiences however there are two key differences between them – the way in which they fetch and handle data, and the requirement of a server.

Next.js is often used for large dynamic enterprise sites/apps that require significant flexibility to scale, with its support for server-side rendering, it is the ideal framework to support apps with content that undergoes frequent changes throughout the day. Therefore, consider Gatsby to be better suited for small to medium sized applications with less frequent content changes.

Key considerations to help with the decision on which framework should be used:

1: Will the site undergo frequent changes within the day such as an Ecommerce store that also involves multiple interactions?

If the answer is yes: A Gatsby static site generator would not be the recommended framework, you would consider having a React front end with .net core API

2: Will the app remain under 100k pages with small amounts of data?

If the answer is yes: Gatsby is the best option here for a smaller site with small amounts of data to deliver an incredibly fast static site.

In summary Gatsby is the perfect fit for creating static websites with infrequent content changes, Next.js although used for its server-side rendering at I‑Finity we would recommend an architecture built on React supported with a .net core API.

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Why Choose I‑Finity As Your Gatsby Web Development Agency?

Comprehensive Security Expertise

Comprehensive Security Expertise

Security is an integral part of our solution architecture; we have always adopted a security by design approach. This approach is no different to when we deliver on Gatsby web development projects. Validated security expertise with the work we do in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services. I‑Finity is Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Performance Focused Team

Performance Focused Team

We never compromise solutions we bring to the market for our customers when it comes to providing websites that are performant. There are two core principles that are fundamental to how our development team writes code – it needs to be efficient and performant. This is assessed with code reviews and undergoing performance testing.

Proven Integration Experiences

Proven Integration Experiences

With Gatsby you can pull in data from any source, and you can decide on the content management system that best meets your requirements. With I‑Finity you have a team of technical experts that have proven experiences of integrating simple and complex systems, software, and hardware devices.

Continuously invest in modern technology

Continuously invest in modern technology

Partner with a web agency who undertake Research & Development projects internally, invest in training and development of the team. This gives us our cross skilled team of Gatsby, React and Next.js.  Place your technical trust with an agency who continues to bring new technology benefits to its customers.

User-Centric Approach for Engaging Experiences

User-Centric Approach for Engaging Experiences

Partner with us to create a tailored front-end experience with our user-centric approach. Gatsby provides backend, integrations, performance, and security benefits but it also enables us to deliver impactful ways to engage with your website visitors. Our team has been developing on Gatsby using React to create interactive and engaging content functionality.

Environment & Sustainability Focus

Environment & Sustainability Focus

Modern technology tools and frameworks such as Gatsby enables us to consider how we can create web solutions that are environment friendly to reduce digital carbon footprint. Gatsby built web solutions enables us to avoid unnecessary costs for ongoing maintenance and hosting. This is achieved by eliminating monolithic frontends being rendered on the server-side and simplify content architecture where it makes sense.