Transform your business operations by connecting your systems with custom API for increased efficiencies. Achieve more value from your existing and new technology by making them work together.

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Your business operations may be supported with systems you have purchased from different providers or even the same provider that work in isolation. Utilising our extensive API integration services and technical expertise, we can explore how your systems, data and business-critical applications can be connected. Our custom API integrations services can help you to drive opportunities for efficiencies and competitive advantage.

Benefits of API & system integration services:

  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operations
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your data
  • Streamline and automate inefficient manual processes
  • Provide a more connected customer experience
  • Help you get the most out of the technology investments you have made
  • Result in you having your own intellectual property with custom built APIs

Whether you have legacy or new systems from different providers or the same, there is always a way to connect systems. With I‑Finity you can be assured of a secure, reliable and performant connection that keeps your systems communicating.

Exploring options for connectivity

Through our technical review process, we will break down technical complexities to scope the optimal approach from building through to testing and implementation.

Our process will involve taking the time to understand your operational processes, workflows and business logic. Collectively this helps us to expertly architect a solution that delivers either a custom API (Application Programming Interface) or integration with third-party APIs or a combination of both.

We will explore all viable options of how we can deliver robust and secure integrations for your specific requirements.

Transforming your business with connected systems & data

Students Memories

Case Study

GradFinale: Ecommerce Website with Multiple System Integrations

Delivering seamless integrations with existing backend systems


Why choose I‑Finity as your API & Integration agency

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    Tailored integration solution unique to your systems and business operations
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    Secure and reliable integrations keeping businesses operational at all times
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    Deliver incremental efficiencies by developing integrations in stages
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    Provide more connected and accurate data enabling improved decision-making
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    Implement best practises to secure business data providing complete compliance
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    Digitally transform businesses to achieve improved efficiencies and productivity

Robust and Secure Technology

Our expertise includes developing light, in depth, third party API integrations and custom APIs. This experience spans many sectors covering a range of integrations from payment providers to customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ticketing platforms and more.

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    Payment systems: GoCardless, Stripe, Paypal, WorldPay, Open Banking, Plaid, TrueLayer
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    CRM: Salesforce, HubSpot, Bespoke CRMs
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    Ticketing Platforms: Eventbrite, Custom event platforms e.g. Vista
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    Social Platforms: Embed Live Feeds e.g. Instagram, Social Sharing (ShareThis, AddThis)
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    Mapping Technology: Google Maps API, HTML Geolocation
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    Analytics and Search: Google Analytics, Google Search, Tag Manager, Custom Event Tracking, Bing API, Umbraco Examine Search
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    API Management: Azure API Management, API Integration Services, API Management Solutions