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We create customised web and software solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers. Building on industry leading technology to deliver secure and high-performance solutions.

The technology we use does not limit or restrict capability; we have full flexibility to create endless possibilities that deliver on your requirements. We can make your investment in technology stretch as we have the scope to design and build software applications that are scalable and extendible.

Our combined technical experience provides you with a consultancy service that will identify the best solution and delivery for your project.

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We build and support custom developments for organisations of all sizes, across a range of industries and for global markets. Our development expertise is diverse ranging from enterprise applications, software as a service products, mobile apps, advanced location and data collection applications.

Access years of expertise in designing secure and scalable software solutions. Our solutions are created to meet the specific needs of each customer in relation to its industry, sector, audiences and business goals.

We will get to the heart of your idea and provide an end—to-end service that expertly guides you from concept to build through to delivery and implementation.

Custom Software Development


We are experts in delivering websites that meet both design and functionality requirements. As specialists in cloud technology this gives us plenty of scope to support, design and build websites that are secure, scalable and reliable.

Our team of experts ensure content, search engine optimisation, responsive designs and accessible functionality all work seamlessly together. Collectively this creates compelling and engaging digital experiences.

We implement designs in the “mobile first” method – this means that under the covers, mobile devices are prioritised. With our work in public sector, we adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA Accessibility Guidelines to make websites accessible to everyone.

Website Design & Development


We have been working with Microsoft Azure for many years now because it offers a great deal of value for our customers.

With Microsoft Azure we can easily adapt and upscale projects, we can fulfil all types and sizes of projects using the same powerful technology.

High availability is often critical to businesses of all types and in many cases is a key marker of competitive advantage. Secure your online solution on a trusted platform that is backed by cybersecurity experts.

Enjoy a cost-effective managed hosting solution that can grow and shrink to meet your exact needs.

Azure Cloud Hosting


We provide extensive technical experience of working with different platforms and systems where integrations have been an essential part of the requirements. Our team has delivered many complex integrations for customers with business-critical applications, systems and data.

As technical experts we can make integrations work with both new and legacy systems. We understand that sometimes you need to continue receiving a return on technology investments already made.

Customers with bespoke solutions often benefit from having an API developed – we will define the architecture, business rules and logic to enable smooth connections with other systems.

Integrations & APIs


Security and performance have been the key drivers for us to utilise Cloud technology. With our strategic partnership with Microsoft, we leverage the best frameworks and implement industry best practises for creating secure solutions built specifically for the Azure platform.

We help customers with implementation, application development and management of their Azure cloud infrastructure. Our Azure experts can help you realise the true benefits of cloud. Whether you are seeking consultation on an existing Azure implementation, data migration, looking to build a scalable product or develop data-driven applications our team can help you achieve your goals.

Azure Cloud Services


Our team has been developing geospatial solutions across a range of industries from mining to utilities for customers in Canada and USA.

We solve complex problems using GIS technology. It enables us to collect, map and analyse data that can be integrated to create the optimal workflow for customers. This data is often organised in layers of information represented as visual maps and workflows.

GIS technology delivers on providing deeper insights and patterns to enable smart operational and business decisions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


It can be challenging to navigate the world of technology with all the available choices and platforms. Whether you have a software product idea or require digital transformation, access a team with significant UK and global experience. 

Our team supports customers in achieving their product goals with defining the right technology and commercial strategy.

Consultancy for SaaS Products

We typically utilise Agile Software Development methodology, it enables us to break a project down into several sprints consisting of prioritised user stories. Building incrementally means we can easily prioritise key functionality that will bring immediate value to end users.

To support the development lifecycle, we combine project management methodology to ensure every element of our projects are kept on track. It also provides our customers with full transparency on where we are in the process.

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Our Typical Process

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We spend quality time upfront with our customers in planning, exploring ideas, reviewing insights and exchanging knowledge.

This helps us to collectively develop the scope including design, functionality, and integration needs. Our team will work with you to explore the needs of your audiences and how your technology solution will deliver on these needs.

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Solution Architect and Design

This is how we design and plan for architectural requirements in relation to Azure implementation, databases, system integrations and content. Optimal implementation from the start is imperative for performance and scalability.

Our design phase is tailored to the requirements of each project, it can include wireframes, design concepts and prototypes to aid final graphic design. We always keep intended users at the centre of our process with full consideration to how design and functionality complement one another.

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Development and Testing

We implement designs in the “mobile first” method – where mobile devices are prioritised due to their smaller screens and generally slower connection speeds. Testing happens alongside developed functionality to drive quality and surface any potential regression issues earlier in the process.

With Agile methodology we will be in frequent contact with you to review working functionality as it becomes available. We can also support customers who wish to undertake User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to capture feedback from testers.

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Launch and Monitor

We will work with you to plan and manage deployment requirements needed to support making your technology available to your customers.

Proactive monitoring will be in place to enable proactive decisions to keep your solution available at all times. Our team will utilise analytics to make data driven recommendations for continuous improvements.

“I-Finity are very easy to work with, provide a very high standard of work with excellent communication and updates in relation to changes and developments.” Cliff Gurdin, Managing Director, Eat IT Drink IT, Leeds, UK
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Case Study

GradFinale: Ecommerce Website for Schools, Universities and Students

Overcoming technical challenges with multiple integration requirements

GradFinale Case Study
Customers Say

What our customers say

We guide our customers in this technology-driven world to help them achieve their goals.

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"GradFinale has been a very happy customer of I‑Finity for many years now. The team respond professionally and promptly to our diverse business needs including our development, support and integration requirements. As well as the technical expertise, they are also excellent at communicating and have a commercial mindset when arriving at solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend I‑Finity to others looking for a technology partner."

Scott Dixon - Director (London, UK)

Kieren Tinning TF
"The time difference between Toronto and the UK works nicely as work plans can be built, builds delivered and tested, and the results communicated back through to mid-day EST. The next morning, there are fresh items to review. "

Kieren Tinning - Owner of TerraFlow Geomatics (Toronto, Canada)

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"I-Finity are a trusted partner and their Azure expertise, quality of their work and responsive communication has been invaluable for us."

Financial Services Customer - Owner (London, UK)

We care about the success of our Customers

We are a team passionate about technology, this passion helps us to create solutions that deliver real value for our customers.

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