Our geospatial consultants can help you to informed decisions with the latest geospatial technology by connecting hardware, data, people and workflows together.

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Geographic Information System (GIS) development helps provide a framework to collect, manage and analyse data, often involving integrations with different types of data. As GIS consultants, we can help collect this spatial data for analysis to organise in layers of information as visual outputs such as maps.

If you require a custom solution, you need an experienced GIS development partner with proven cloud and geospatial consultancy experience.

Our GIS consultancy expertise includes delivering SaaS (software as a service) products for customers who help utilities, resource and engineering companies that are reliant on geographic information. It is possible to solve complex problems and capture deeper insights for smarter decisions with GIS technology.

Benefits of geospatial software development:

  • GIS development enables team collaboration with improved workflows and automated processes
  • With GIS development it will help you better visualise complex data making it easier to interpret and understand
  • GIS means you can integrate different systems and hardware to work together for a connected experience
  • Solve complex challenges such as the process of automated data collection in remote locations
  • Secure your data to comply with government and legislative requirements
  • Complement your business data processing requirements with scalable and reliable technology

Our GIS consultants will expertly guide you from early consultation to capture your unique requirements through to designing, building and implementing your geospatial solution. Your journey with our geospatial consultancy can start with a proof of concept to test the solution first with intended users. Learn more about GIS development by getting in touch with our geospatial consultants

Secure and scalable solutions available anytime, anywhere

Case Study

TerraFlow Geomatics: Cloud-based Geospatial Solutions

Scalable and highly configurable data collection technologies

TerraFlow Case Study

Why choose I‑Finity as your GIS Company

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    Our GIS consultants guarantee scalable and reliable cloud data services that are accessible anytime, anywhere
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    Bespoke geo spatial solutions that automate data collection for real insights, patterns and trends for smarter decisions
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    Our GIS development provides high performance solutions are designed and built to process large volumes of data securely
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    Present highly complex location data in visual and user-friendly ways via the use of maps, workflows and dashboards
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    Integrations enable continued value from investments made in existing systems and hardware
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    Easy viewing, interpretation and analysis of layers of information with user-focused web and mobile applications

Robust and Secure Technology

Microsoft Azure Cloud technology enables us to deliver reliable and scalable GIS applications. With Azure we can easily grow and shrink app services as required to meet consumption and data demand.

Our custom geospatial software solutions often involve automating defined business logic and application development with multiple integrations at database, systems, hardware levels.

End-to-end GIS services: