Improve your business agility, security and compliance with Microsoft Azure’s flexible cloud platform. Helping you deliver the best online customer experience with high availability and fast applications. I‑Finity are Azure Specialists and a certified Microsoft Silver partner based in York, contact us for more information on our Azure development services and how we can help your business.

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How Can Our Azure Cloud Specialists Help Your Business?

Our Azure consultants use a range of tools and frameworks available in Azure to host, build, manage, migrate, optimise and deploy applications at scale. Implemented with industry best practises to maximise the value for our customers on their cloud journey across both short- and longer-term goals.

We are Azure specialists, and we will expertly guide, consult and plan your Azure roadmap to deliver business agility and return on investment. Our tailored technology strategies enable our customers to achieve their specific objectives with Microsoft Azure services.  

Why choose our Azure specialists?

With I‑Finity you will benefit from having a single partner taking care of implementation, application development and overall management of your Azure cloud infrastructure. Whether you are seeking consultation on an existing Azure implementation or data migration or looking to build a scalable application our Azure specialists will devise the right path to achieve your goals. Contact us today to discuss our Azure Cloud Services and to see how we can help your business needs.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Consultancy Services we provide:

  • Technical architecture design, development and maintenance of new applications on Azure
  • Application Modernisation and management includes migrating existing apps and data
  • Azure integrations with 3rd party platforms
  • Azure software development and managed Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Design, develop, test and maintain data-driven applications
  • Audit existing use of Microsoft Azure with documented recommendations
  • Audits and reviews for ongoing Azure optimisation including SQL Azure
  • Seamless integration with your existing Microsoft products such as Office 365, Active Directory
  • Proactive Azure monitoring for performance, security and availability
  • Technical strategy to help you define the right business cloud operating model, for a successful move and adoption of cloud. Adopting the cloud within your business provides opportunities to review how you operate your technological systems. The way in which you manage physical hardware will be different to how you now manage digital assets in the cloud with a focus on performance, security and cost optimisation.
  • Ongoing Azure management from our Azure specialists who will ensure your Azure environment remains optimised from a security, governance, cost and architecture implementation so it continues to meet the demands of your business.
  • Our Azure consulting service will help you optimise your setup.

No matter which direction you choose for your custom software development project, with I‑Finity as your Azure partner you can be assured of a scalable, reliable and secure solution that won’t let you down.

Explore an end-to-end service to achieve the optimal cloud operating model 

Our specialists provide full management of Azure Cloud services, this means we will manage everything for you including your web apps, services, storage, databases, backup and recovery. Regardless of the size or scope of requirements your business can benefit from cloud technology.

With our partnership, our Azure consultants will always continue to explore advantages with new capabilities and ongoing optimisation.

Are you looking for Azure hosting solutions? We can help with this too, find out more about our Azure Cloud Hosting Services

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Azure for Financial Services

Trusted Azure Cloud Technology for Personal Finance Software

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Why choose I‑Finity as your Azure Consultants

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    Operational efficiencies and productivity gains through ongoing Azure optimisations
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Achieved cost savings with improving existing Azure implementations
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Increased robustness for disaster recovery and business continuity often by eliminating single points of failure
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Provide enterprise level security controls to protect businesses of all sizes, reducing the risk of data loss and complete adherence to regulatory compliance
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Increase application capability by utilising technology within Azure such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
  • benefit star rosette icon
    Provide a cost-effective way to scale resources dependent on the demand - pay for only what you need, when you need it

Azure Management

I-Finity’s Azure specialists are supporting customers with the technical strategy, implementation and ongoing management of customers Azure environments. These environments are often supporting simple applications such as websites with data storage, backup and restore to complex custom web applications with significant databases and integrations where a high of level of processing is being performed.

With our Microsoft Silver Partner status and specialist skills in Azure cloud, you can place your trust with our Azure specialists who will provide ongoing support to keep your Azure infrastructure optimised for maximum efficiencies. We understand the importance of keeping infrastructure secure, compliant and performant whilst delivering on business requirements such as continual operational efficiencies. Our Azure management service involves:

  • Ongoing optimisation of the Azure environment

  • Managing the costs of your Azure services to continually assess and deliver cost efficiencies

  • Proactive system monitoring in terms of performance, scalability, availability and reliability

  • Security monitoring for continuous security assessment of all resources running in Azure to remain protected against modern threats and strengthen security posture

  • Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery to keep your business operational at all times and reduce risks of any data loss

  • Keeping your Azure infrastructure supported and maintained in line with industry best practises

  • Assessing how existing or new Azure capability can continue to benefit your business operations and needs

Robust and Secure Technology

Azure presents many possibilities – as Azure specialists, our priority is to ensure we have the optimal Azure implementation in place to service your business needs from operational efficiency, productivity to improved customer experiences.

Our CMS platforms (Umbraco and Agility) are both hosted with Microsoft Azure which ensures continuous value and complete security.

As your Microsoft Azure partner we will continue to optimise your solution. Here are a few of the Azure products we specialise in:

Speak to an expert Azure consultant today for more information