Our partnerships are carefully selected to ensure we can deliver performant, secure and flexible technology solutions.

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We work with modern frameworks, platforms and technologies including React, Gatsby, Azure, Umbraco CMS and Agility CMS. Our partners in cloud services, hosting, content management and security. 

Microsoft Silver Partnership

Our Microsoft Silver Partner status provides our customers with reassurance and validation in our expertise. Being a Microsoft Silver Partner, means we specialise in Azure and .Net development, this aligns us well with our CMS partners.

With our commitment to continued professional development, it encourages innovation and the differentiation our customers seek. Our platform of choice with Microsoft enables an iterative approach to consume new trends and continually adapt to meet changing business needs. Microsoft delivers technology for businesses of all sizes to successfully manage its operations.

What you will receive from us as your Microsoft development partner:

Validated skills and expertise

Access our deep technical expertise and extensive experience in building solutions with Microsoft platforms, products and frameworks.

Commitment to bring you latest technology

Continuous investment in learning new technologies and adopting industry leading best practices to keep your technology solutions competitive and secure.

Access and support from Microsoft Ecosystem

As a partner we have access to resources and opportunities to benefit our customers. With our previous experience of working at Microsoft this gives us a unique advantage with the long standing positive relationships we have.

Proactive Support and Scale

We provide exceptional support to keep our customer solutions up to date. Our implementation of solutions means we can easily grow and shrink to effectively meet changing demand for services.

We are proud to be a Microsoft Silver Partner as they continue to innovate to ensure we can deliver applications that work seamlessly together. At I‑Finity we manage our entire infrastructure and business on Microsoft solutions. We use Azure, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more to keep us connected, productive and secure.

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Microsoft Partner
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Microsoft Azure Cloud Expertise

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services. Having worked with a variety of website platforms and as specialists in cloud technology, I‑Finity has selected Microsoft Azure as technology of choice. Using Microsoft Azure ensures that you receive a website or application constructed with the latest cloud-based technology, and we can build, test and deploy quickly to deliver your solution within a competitive lead-time.

We have invested in Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, to provide our customers with the marketing leading solution for security, scale and performance. Where a solution is architected and hosted can impact on its performance and level of protection. It is important to us to provide our customers with high availability and robust disaster recovery to keep businesses operational at all times.

All our customer applications are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud technology to provide:

Cloud based platforms for efficiency, reliability and scalability

Cloud based platforms for efficiency, reliability and scalability

The latest technology deployed for high quality results and accessibility

The latest technology deployed for high quality results and accessibility

Secure solutions ensuring your customer data is managed and processed securely

Secure solutions ensuring your customer data is managed and processed securely

Businesses of any size can benefit from Microsoft Azure

We have been working with Microsoft Azure for many years now and it has become our preferred technology because it offers a great deal of value for our customers and gives us the ability to work quickly and flexibly to meet different requirements.

Size doesn’t matter

With Microsoft Azure we can easily adapt and upscale projects, with global coverage to support customers wherever they may be located. With the ability to dynamically adapt we can fulfil all types and sizes of project using the same powerful technology.

Working agile

Microsoft Azure supports an agile approach, which is one of the methodologies we work to. This keeps development flexible for a smooth implementation. A lean development cycle means your solution can be delivered quickly and the agile approach gives many opportunities for feedback as the project moves through its key phases.

Everything taken care of

The fully integrated environment that Microsoft Azure provides has everything we need to manage your project. This end-to-end solution ensures we are able to deliver on our quality promise to give you the very best results.

Reassuring in a crisis

Online solutions often support critical business activity, so it’s important that you are protected. Through Microsoft Azure we have you covered. As a market leading solution, you can rest assured that your information is securely backed-up and your data is kept safe.

Security by Design Approach

Microsoft Azure embeds security, privacy and compliance into its development methodology which means we’re both covered and fully compliant with GDPR, PCI and ISO requirements. This includes:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • ISO 27017:2017
  • ISO 27018:2014
  • ISO 20000-1:2011
  • ISO 22301:2012
  • ISO 9001:2015

Environmental Benefits

Microsoft are on track to achieve their ambition of powering their data centres with 100 percent renewable energy. In 2020 they met the target of 60 percent. The next milestone goal of 70 percent is in sight for 2023. These innovations enable their partner ecosystem to host and maintain solutions for customers with renewable and environment friendly energy.

We specialise in Azure cloud technology providing technical architecture and implementation consultancy to help our customers realise the true benefits of cloud.

Start your Azure project with us Our Azure Built Solutions

Every I‑Finity website is built using a well-established and reputable CMS that is fully supported.

Umbraco Partnership

Umbraco has a proven user-base with more than 500,000+ installations in over 198 countries of their Open Source Content Management System (CMS). It provides complete flexibility to integrate with anything and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products. As a business it was a clear choice to become an Umbraco Registered Partner as well as gaining additional certifications as Umbraco Certified Master.

We selected Umbraco and it’s open source CMS for the following reasons:

  • Flexibility enables the building of specific functionality and design components
  • Provides compelling built-in content architecture features for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Umbraco govern and control plugin architecture to securely introduce new capability
  • Enables continual optimisation for performance, feature enhancements and scales easily
  • Delivers fully responsive, accessible and security compliant website solutions
  • Comprehensive security controls with implementation of multiple factor authentication and TLS 1.2 as it's default supported TLS protocol.

Why Umbraco for our customers?

Our customers enjoy the many benefits of a flexible Umbraco-powered website.

Friendly, inutative and all encompassing content editing experience including an integrated media library. A platform aimed at non technical editors, making it an easy to learn CMS. It delivers a simple but effective way of managing website content. 

Serves a wide range of requirements from complex integrations, high traffic websites to smaller and simpler website builds. A platform that can serve current needs whilst enabling growth for the future. A highly customisable platform where any feature, capability or integration can be achieved at any time.

Secure platform that protects our customers and their end customers. There is no reactive patching due to the governance Umbraco places around its platform. Managing updates proactively makes it cost effective to manage.

Selecting us as your Umbraco Partner:

Our expertise and experience

We have been bulding websites on Umbraco for many years now across a diverse range of sectors. Our team brings a wealth of expertise in managing new implementations, inheriting existing sites and driving improvements with new capability.

Our training and support

Provide a range of training options as everyone learns differently such as instructer led, classroom, virtual hands on training and train the trainer. Access our dedicated and responsive support team who keep our customers supported with their Umbraco websites.

Our commitment to quality

We never compromise on quality our team will always present options on how best to achieve your website goals. Quality goes beyond just design and development but how we plan for content architecture, search engine optimisation, performance, scale, responsivesness and accessibility

Start your Umbraco project with us Our Umbraco built Websites

Agility Partnership

Agility was established in 2002 and it first launched Agility CMS in 2005. A Microsoft Gold Partner whose CMS focuses on a content first approach in delivering connected digital experiences. Over the years the platform has grown along with its features and capabilities to support the ever-changing needs of the digital world. 

As an Agility Implementation Partner we support customers globally in achieving their goals on Agility CMS. We have years of deep technical expertise in delivering a range of Agility CMS website solutions that are architected and implemented with rich features and comprehensive capability.

Agility CMS enables I‑Finity to build customised and personalised online experiences due to its highly configurable and flexible capability. Our Agility websites are developed to support the unique business processes and workflows of our customers.  

Our Agility Partnership

We are proud of the strong partner relationship we have with Agility, a collaboration that is two-way where both parties support the success of joint customers. We selected Headless Agility CMS for the following reasons:

  • Easy-to-integrate enterprise level CMS with intuitive and highly customisable functionality
  • Fast route to market with its structure being decoupled it requires less development time
  • Complete API flexibility and extendibility allowing us to build without limits and restrictions
  • Lean and efficient platform with no bloated feature sets making it fast and modern
  • True multi-lingual capability with a smooth editing process for managing multiple languages
  • Comprehensive platform for companies with different brands and web properties requiring a single CMS solution with benefits of shared features, and components

Why Agility CMS for our customers?

Our customers enjoy the many benefits of an Agility powered website.



With Agility CMS content is separated from the front end, this enables customers to introduce iterative changes, improvements and implement testing without having to rebuild or migrate content each time.



Fully extendible platform that integrates with many 3rd party platforms: CRMs, Ecommerce/POS, Ticketing, Analytics, Social Media Channels and industry specific integrations such as Vista the Cinema platform.

Feature Rich

Feature Rich

Features of a headless CMS focused on managing digital experiences across multiple channels easily. With its intuitive interface for content editors and teams it delivers on automation and workflow customisation benefits. 

Selecting us as your Agility Partner:

Our extensive knowledge and experience

Our expertise working on the Agility platform dates back to 2010, over the years we have architected, developed, maintained, and supported many complex Agility website projects.

Our commitment to continued value

We are able to offer our customers cost effective and high-quality Agility solutions that continue to receive incremental enhancements to keep digital experiences relevant.

Our dedicated support

We provide dedicated support to customers globally along with ongoing maintenance of many high traffic and business critical websites.

Our ability to create a future proof solution

We can provide you with digital peace of mind with a long-term technology platform that will continue to support your business growth.  We are confident we can build you the very best solution. 

Start Your Agility Project With Us Our Agility built websites

I‑Finity adopts a security by design approach and partners with security specialists

GlobalSign Partner

Every web solution we deliver we think about security first to ensure we have everything in place to keep our customers safe and secure in the ever-changing digital world.

We are a Global Sign Partner as they are a trusted certificate authority who provide a validated range of products. They are responsive and foster a good working relationship with their partners. With their products we can bring value to our customers and more importantly secure online solutions effectively.

Our Commitment to security for a safer way to do business.

Solutions we have delivered for our customers
Globla Sign
global sign

Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme to encourage organisations to adopt best practices in their information security strategy.

As a business we take cyber security seriously, we have demonstrated our commitment by achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This certification shows that our data management, our processes, our infrastructure and our systems have been verified by a 3rd party. On an annual basis a qualified assessor peforms a thorough technical audit to examine I‑Finity has the key technical controls in place to protect against common online threats. Our certification confirms that we the technical controls in place and we are using them effectively in securing our customers data. 

Enables us to mitigate and protect against approx. 80% of cyber-attacks

We care about our customers to protect their data and any commercially sensitive data we may collect and host

Protecting the integrity of our customer data

Our certification enables us to work with government organisations and highly regulated industries such as financial services