Micklegate Business Initiative Website

New website to promote local businesses following economic hardship in the area.

An initiative to promote and support local businesses within the Micklegate area of York. We are members of Micklegate Business Initiative this site was initially delivered by us during a time of economic hardship.

The requirement of the initial website (built using Umbraco) was to have a fast route to market to start the promotion of local businesses within the area of Micklegate. Working closely with the members an initial site was delivered providing the first platform to help raise awareness of the businesses along with the products and/or services they have to offer.

  • Provided custom website development services
  • Worked closely with local illustrators to incorporate these design assets into the website 
  • Worked closely with the members to gather key content for the website 
  • Managed the website hosting and ongoing hosting maintenance 

Since the initial website that delivered a phase one there was the need to evolve the site into phase two to reflect the more recent changes within the Micklegate area and the businesses it houses.

A redevelopment is required to reflect the changes of how the members now wish to promote the Micklegate area to encourage more footfall and interaction from the community, visitors and tourists.

The current website has been left as a landing page where previous areas of the site have been temporarily hidden to support the new direction the site needs to go in. 

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