How your website will be hosted and maintained are important considerations to make within any website procurement project. However, you’re not alone in making these decisions because I-Finity can advise on the right hosting and maintenance package to suit your needs.

Website Hosting

Where a website is hosted can impact on its performance and level of protection. That’s why I-Finity invested in Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, to provide you with the best solution for hosting your website.

Here’s the benefits of hosting your website in the Cloud:

  • Ability to upscale or downscale your website as traffic volumes require.
  • Excellent protection for your website against potential online threats.
  • Super performance using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to ensure visitors have a great experience when browsing content.
  • Powerful and flexible processing power which can be easily boosted should your website need to work harder.
  • Keeps a safe and secure backup of your website should anything happen, ensuring business continuity in the event of disaster recovery.

Website Maintenance

A good website is a well-maintained one! I-Finity can manage the maintenance of your website to ensure it continues to deliver a strong performance for your visitors. Our maintenance plans include the following activity:

  • Ensuring your website remains compliant with Search Engine requirements, security certification (SSL) and data privacy laws.
  • Keeping your website protected against online attack.
  • Monitoring your website performance to match usage changes and ensure visitors don’t experience content down-time or slow page loading.

I-Finity can create a hosting and maintenance package that will suit your needs and keep your website performing at its best.

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