Agility CMS is built with users in mind - this includes both your customers and your content editors. It is an easy-to-integrate enterprise level CMS with intuitive and highly-customisable functionality to support enterprise-grade integration capability.

About Agility

About Agility

Established over 15 years ago, Agility CMS was designed from the ground up for True Cloud. The platform has grown over time along with its features and capabilities to support the ever-changing needs of the digital world. Agility believes that everyone in this world deserves amazing experiences and they are dedicated to ensuring this vision reaches as many people as possible.  

In recent years, Agility has been focusing their energy and resources on people and companies who are aligned with their philosophy and core values; people and companies who also believe everyone deserves amazing experiences.  

I-Finity - Agility Implementation Partner

I-Finity - Agility Implementation Partner

Agility CMS enables I-Finity to build customised and personalised online experiences due to its highly configurable and flexible capability. It is all about developing websites that support the unique business processes of our customers.  

As the platform has grown, so too has its offerings: User Generated ContentEcommerceTicketingPoint of Sale (POS)  to name a few. It also provides the flexibility needed to support the development of specific functionality or design components. 

This is a CMS that was built with developers in mind – no out-of-the box code to bend! It is about creating and building code to deliver websites and applications that truly meet the needs of each customer.  

Our expertise working on this platform dates back to 2010, where we have managed many complex Agility developments. Therefore, you can be assured we have the credibility and knowledge in achieving your requirements on Agility CMS.   

Customers across the globe trust their brand with Agility CMS as it enables the creation of compelling digital experiences that bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Ultimately allowing customers to add and enhance features and functionality to keep their online offering current.

Why Agility CMS?

Agility CMS delivers on providing great customer experiences and as their implementation partner I-Finity are the experts in developing these amazing experiences on the CMS. There are many reasons for selecting Agility CMS but here are a few: 

  • Focused on the User Experience – built with all users in mind including making it easy for the replication of content across multiple digital channels 
  • Easy integrations - driven by APIs and webhooks making it easy to plug into the platform with any of your existing systems 
  • User generated content - fully flexible solution to managing content submitted by your website users – think comments, reviews, posting events and more
  • Highly configurable - start with website features you need today and continue adding new ones as your business grows
  • Fully integrated experience - a suite of integrated products available including ecommerce, ticketing, POS, - focused on making your website experience seamless for your customers
  • Scalable - never run out of server capacity or experience low performance
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure providing enterprise-level security and stability
  • Faster route to market - with an easy to integrate capability, this allows us to get you up and running quickly regardless of what POS, CRM or payment processing systems you already use 

Looking for an Agility website?

If you are looking to manage your website, drive sales through ecommerce or deliver personalised content across multiple channels connect with our team. 

Together let's explore how Agility CMS can deliver you the optimal digital experience with capabilities including: 

  • Web content management
  • Ecommerce 
  • Point of Sale
  • Ticketing System
  • Personalisation 

Reaching visitors through multiple channels is made simple with Agility CMS - whether desktop, mobile, POS or kiosk, your users will recognise your brand and will be able to find what they need seamlessly. 

I-Finity highly recommends Agility CMS and through our extensive expertise, we can build you the very best website solution. We can provide you with digital peace of mind with a long-term technology platform that will continue to support your growing online offerings.  

Agility Projects

English Montreal School Board

Provide ongoing support for multi-lingual website on Agility CMS. Delivered implementation and feature improvements across programs, news, articles and event listings.

NJ Kids Online

Agility CMS website for kids and family publisher. Full redevelopment and redesign project to support current design practises and developed functionality to easily surface relevant content.

Ciné Entreprise

Provide ongoing support and upgrades to a cinema specific platform that is integrated into Agility CMS.

Mississauga Living Arts Centre

Agility CMS website support, maintenance and feature enhancements for not-for-profit charitable organisation.

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