WorldRemit Stories Umbraco Blog

WorldRemit is an online money transfer service providing international remitting services. They needed a multimedia-rich blogging site to create a place where they could share success stories.

Developed a new blogging site within the existing Umbraco Website

The new blogging site had to be designed and developed into the existing Umbraco company wide website. It was important for the blogging site to be incorporated seamlessly to provide visitors with a consistent digital experience.

Technical Scope for delivering mobile responsiveness

  • Architected design and content to ensure no loss of functionality to allow the smallest mobile screen to display content appropriately
  • The front end had to include a dynamic grid of content on the landing page, to enable it to respond to mobile screen sizes including screen rotations as well as the user’s interactions with the search filters

Searchable Content

  • Blog content was easily searchable and filterable by geographic region and author
  • Content tagging and categorisation to support search
  • Display various content types and modules, including videos, high resolution individual photos, photo galleries – all fully searchable by search engines

Technology Profile:

  • Umbraco CMS