TerraFlow Xamarin App for Mobile

TerraFlow Mobile is a custom-built app on the Android platform for those in the data collection industry. It can capture environmental data such as Air Quality, Gas Leak and more with it’s extensible support for external sensors via attachments such as Bluetooth.  The app can gather sensor data at the time of GPS capture or you can capture GPS data when a sensor triggers an event.

Key Features of the TerraFlow Mobile App

I‑Finity was able to produce to a highly configurable product with multiple system integrations:

  • architected to support advanced configurable workflows
  • collects geo spatial data
  • utility mapper to collect underground utilities with high accuracy data collection
  • comprehensive map making functionality – utilises Google Map providing end user with the ability to perform actions such as turning points on/off, ability to draw offsets/building lines, ability to support custom symbols and more
  • integrates with many data sources
  • syncs all data using ArcGIS
  • built in support for leading GPS equipment such as Trimble R1, R2
  • extensible to support external sensors via Bluetooth
  • integrations in place are with both software and hardware 
  • secured and managed within Microsoft Azure Cloud 

TerraFlow Mobile is a highly configurable and complex product that has been architected to provide high reliability, accuracy, performance and security.  It has been extremely important to define and follow a structured DevOps process to support continuous software development, integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring. 

We continue to enhance features, add new functionality and support further integration capabilities. Ongoing product development continues to support end user feedback and changing requirements within the data collection industry. 

Technology Profile: