Sodexo Solutions Portal

  • Provided custom software development services
  • Approached project using Agile Software Development Methodology as it enabled us to break down the project into several sprints consisting of prioritised user stories
  • Building incrementally enabled early feedback and supports quality with ongoing testing
  • During the planning phase technical decisions were confirmed to best support the delivery of the intranet site, one key decision made was to use Umbraco CMS. This is due to Umbraco making it easy to architect and customise elements needed to support specific implementation requirements.
  • Delivered a fully customised editing experience in Umbraco CMS – there are no restrictions of pre-built add-ons therefore our development team had full control to customise which ultimately enables the delivery of the optimal solution.

The end result was the creation of a bespoke intranet to support internal sales and marketing activities, insights and document sharing:

  • Umbraco CMS was used to build the required functionality for the internal intranet
  • Dashboard to draw attention to key updates, actions and content
  • Blogging functionality to allow the team to create and share insights, trends and reports internally
  • Centralised all communication and document management improving internal sharing
  • Nurtured knowledge by centralising the capture and storage in a secured space

Technology Profile:

  • Umbraco CMS