Business-critical Analytics Dashboard Development Secures Start-up Investment

Presence Orb is a truly modern business, providing Wi-Fi analytics which enable their customers to identify and interact with public Wi-Fi users in shops, bars, cafes & restaurants - essentially any space where Wi-Fi is provided as a facility.


Presence Orb
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Proving the Concept Together

I‑Finity were chosen to build a Spatial Analytics Dashboard which would enable retailers and service providers to gain insights on the customers visiting their premises. The remit was to design and create a data presentation layer from source to visualisation to add to a customer dashboard.

I‑Finity worked closely with the Presence Orb team and managed the project, implementing a development framework using agile methodology. The product was a .net application which was built on Microsoft Azure, utilising Bootstrap. Every stage was reviewed in weekly stand-ups and sprints to ensure the product moved quickly towards a working proof of concept. Within the build an integration was made with Open Weather Data to complement the analytics, providing deeper customer insights. For example, retailers may wish to know ‘if it’s raining does it affect footfall?’

Achieving their goals

With their business concept finally a reality in application form, Presence Orb had their investment approved. The Spatial Analytics Dashboard gave them the product needed to expand their offer and grow the business. They are now present in over 54 countries and have helped to progress many Bricks-and-Mortar businesses by associating their work with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Turned concept into reality for Presence Orb to secure funding for their start-up
  • Worked agile to ensure the product delivered on their vision and within timeframe
  • Created a product foundation on which the new business could develop and grow.

"I-Finity worked closely with our team to flesh out the proof-of-concept requirements and ultimately produced an impressive and functional product which enabled us to raise finance for our business."

Tom Sheppard, Founder and Owner of Presence Orb (London, UK)

I‑Finity used our background of custom software development to ensure the project ran smoothly and met all requirements. Contact us to learn how we can help you with your project

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