Pragmatic Institution

Website support on Agility CMS for a global training provider 

As an inherited Agility CMS website the first phase of our work was to resolve outstanding technical issues and bugs:

  • Undertook work to address SSL certificate updates across many domains
  • Resolving URL redirections
  • Implementing a dynamic site map
  • Resolving search issues to ensure the correct results were being returned
  • Strengthened security around passwords

There were also website enhancements that were delivered to add new capability and to improve existing functionality, one area included their Alumni Resource Centre:

  • Added a new certification path to the secure Resource Centre
  • Displayed the new curriculum path within the Resource Centre along with the results/certification each Alumni has achieved
  • Ability to track and show progress visually for each Alumni member within their own personalised Resource Centre
  • Implemented a new badge to enable award of this badge on successful completion of the new certification

Other Website Improvements:

  • Homepage banner module received various updates and new capability to improve it’s display and provide better options for incorporating videos and call to action buttons
  • Navigation updates by adding supportive sub-menus to make it easier for visitors to navigate the substantial content the site had to offer
  • Developed custom capability in the CMS such as a custom content export

Technology Profile: