OnStride Solutions App Development

WPF App monitoring the battery life of re-chargeable batteries for hearing aids.

It is critical that hearing aids are fitted with fully functional batteries therefore testing is an essential part of the process. The development request was for a WPF App to manage the battery testing process that required integration with hardware for the purpose of repeatedly charging and discharging the batteries.

Development Delivery:

  • Integrate with rudimental hardware that came with a programming chip set
  • USB integration was the chosen path to support the connection between the hardware and the battery
  • Built the App with an integration via the USB creating a set of known commands to interact with the programable chip set within the hardware

Integration challenges we encountered and overcame:

  • Hardware was extremely delicate i.e. static from a touch of a finger could destroy it
  • App needed to be connected to an unlimited number of hardware
  • Time consuming testing process with charging and discharging a battery repeatedly

Technology Profile: