Mississauga Living Arts Centre

Website support and ongoing feature enhancements for not-for-profit organisation that promotes arts, culture and performances. The site also supports local communities with providing activities and events. 

A website we inherited built on Agility CMS and integrated into a 3rd party ticketing platform where ticket purchases are made for events, camps, classes, performances and theatre shows. We provide ongoing support and website enhancements.

Integration Improvements & Automation: 

Over the last few years, we have delivered website and integration enhancements as well as providing ongoing support to keep the website maintained. Our team has improved the integration with more automated capability and delivering on data that was needed. These improvements have removed manual tasks the team were previously having to perform.

Website Improvements:

  • Front end improvements making the purchasing of tickets and bookings easier with a sticky bar that sits on every page with quick links to book, plan and register.
  • A new addition to the homepage with a What’s On section allowing visitors to see what is happening now and coming soon
  • Improved the mobile layout of displaying shows
  • Overall layout and navigation improvements across the site
  • Improved homepage banners to offer more capability and customisation
  • Delivered new features such as:
    • Ability to do page takeovers on single and multiple pages
    • Filtering options for courses, events and camps with contextual drop-down options
    • Date range picker for users to find courses, events and camps

Technology Profile: