Micklegate Run Website

Special event feature website to support local businesses in York with annual run Soap Box Challenge.

Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge is a huge event that attracts over 24,000 people in attendance and reaches thousands of people online.

The website acts as a key promotional tool to:

  • Promote the incredible community inclusive event
  • Showcases all the previous year’s soapbox races with photo galleries and videos
  • Promotes sponsors of the events
  • Attracts new sponsors and new teams to join the race
  • Package up all the key information people need to take part

I‑Finity has provided its website development services since the start of the first soapbox challenge and continue to manage the website. It’s very much a collaboration with the organisers of the event and working with local illustrators who have continued to updated design assets.

The delivery of the website continues to support the local Micklegate Soapbox Challenge all year round. 

Our delivery of a scalable and reliable website supports:

  • Peak traffic demands experienced during the run up to the Soap Box challenge and remains until it concludes with press releases and photos from the day
  • Website content is updated each year with new event content whilst still showcasing previous years events
  • All illustrations and imagery provided to us to incorporate into the website
  • Website has been supporting the community event for over 4 years and continues to be popular with the community

Technology Profile: