Agility CMS website support for a global supplier of critical components and engineered systems 

The website was built on Agility CMS to showcase all the products and services Kadant provides its global customer base. With Agility CMS’s intuitive content editing experience, it made it possible for Kadant’s digital team to easily manage, create and move both new and existing pages.

I‑Finity inherited Kadant’s website and became their Agility implementation partner. The short-term development goal was to resolve outstanding issues where the longer term goal was to provide ongoing support and website enhancements.

The team at I‑Finity collaborated virtually with Kadant’s digital team managing the time zone difference to be beneficial to both teams. This allowed for deployments to the production environment to take place out of business hours for Kadant. Whilst at the same time urgent requirements could be left with I‑Finity to address during the early hours in the UK ready for a review for when Kadant started their morning.

Website enhancements and ongoing support:

  • Created a new product landing page for use by UK region
  • Website Product forms collecting data were integrated into Salesforce CRM with fail safe removing risk of any data loss
  • Completed Product Form triggers a series of automated events to eventually place it into Salesforce as a new opportunity
  • Implemented Social Media Sharing via a sharing tool to allow visitors to share website content within their own social channels

Technology Profile: