Heatmiser Neo App

Heatmiser are heating control manufacturers providing customers with smart heating controls and solutions. This project involved working closely with Heatmiser to capture all the requirements and scope of work to build their new windows application. The application needed to enable homeowners to accurately control the heating in each room and to enable this control to be applied remotely via the new windows app.

Smart Windows App development:

  • Built a new app on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) targeting Windows 10 to support installation on all types and size of Windows 10 devices
  • User Interface followed UWP guidelines to provide a positive windows app experience
  • Fully responsive UWP application
  • Robust testing to ensure all functionality behaved in the way it was expected too
  • App delivered features to enable customers to remotely operate their heating systems

Key App Functionality:

  • Secure sign in and password management
  • Ability to connect to NeoHub and NeoStat for controlling Thermostats
  • Control Thermostat settings for home, ability to add and manage zones
  • Specific control settings to manage heating such as holiday settings when away from home
  • App consumes an API and incorporates geofence functionality to provide location-based services

The app enables customers to easily control their home and individual room temperatures as well as accessing useful features remotely such as switching heating back on prior to returning from holiday for example.

We continue to provide ongoing support, maintenance and feature enhancements to the Windows App in line with Heatmiser's priorities.

Technology Profile:

  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Windows Application