Bespoke CRM for Guest & Co

Customer Relationship Management System for accountancy firm to manage customer data, interactions and account handling.

Guest & Co required the build of a custom CRM to:

  • Support their way of working without changing their internal processes
  • Have greater visibility of all their customer interactions and communications
  • Implement a simple solution that gave them exactly what they needed
  • Avoid the implementation of an off the shelf solution that would require customisation - they are often complex and costly  

I‑Finity spent time with Guest & Co to learn more about the requirements and went through a discovery phase to capture a phase one specification that delivered on the immediate needs.

The scope of work involved the custom build of a CRM with account management functionality for the accountancy firm to support their operational processes in managing customer data, communications and general account management.

Project Delivery:

  • Provided custom software development services 
  • Utilised Agile Development Methodology where we built incremental to show features and functionality as they became available for early customer feedback
  • Client management: capturing all pertinent information and ability to sort by filters
  • Automated process of allocating unique reference numbers to client accounts
  • Ability to export data from the CRM for data analysis
  • Managed access to standard letter templates and forms for VAT and Tax Returns
  • Internal task and messaging system to support accounting teams
  • Management reports for capturing timesheets