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Headquartered in London, I-Finity’s customer provides customised solutions to its international private clients in managing their personal finances. The innovative nature of the customer coupled with in-depth finance services expertise led to the development of their own proprietary software product.

It is imperative that financial data is managed securely and is fully compliant in line with a highly regulated industry. The solution was architected on Microsoft Azure to access the benefits of cloud in providing scale, security and resilience.

Seeking deep technical experts on Microsoft Azure


Over a period of time, our customer had utilised many software development strategies for their technology requirements including freelance developers and outsourcing overseas. These worked for the short term, however the long term needed stability, reliability and a technology partner with specialist skills. The future was finding an agency with proven in-depth Azure knowledge, skills and expertise. This is where I‑Finity started open and transparent conservations with the customer and were able to provide confidence with its Microsoft Partner status and expertise with Azure. The first part of the process was to build on the customer’s trust by validating and confirming the capability within I-Finity. An initial audit and review took place of the existing Azure implementation and the output was a documented report with recommendations.

This was an important first step for both parties, utilising many development models brings multiple development hands with various levels of expertise on Azure. Therefore, it was beneficial to understand the current implementation and create the shared vision of what was needed for the product.


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I‑Finity collaborates with its customers by breaking down the technical jargon and focus on what it means to a business and its operations. The audit resulted in creating a short- and long-term development plan. Implementing technology changes that are fundamental in keeping a product operational requires careful planning, change management and robust release and deployment processes.

I-Finity’s in-depth technical knowledge resulted in surfacing improvements for the existing Azure implementation:

  • Azure solution had scope for optimisation whilst balancing anticipated demand within budget.
  • Azure configuration required enhancing for further resilience, operational efficiencies and comprehensive data backup.
  • Azure subscriptions benefited from optimisation for efficiencies without the expense of scale and reliability.

The high-level development scope of work resulted in:

  • Reconfiguring the Azure subscriptions to achieve the required scale
  • Detailed refinement and reconfiguration by combining, moving and deploying resources for increased optimisation
  • Strengthening the Disaster Recovery plan with more comprehensive backups
  • Delivering integration with Open Banking and documenting an essential part of the software
  • Working through a backlog of bugs and issues collaboratively with the customer
  • Implementing requirements as a result of a security audit (Pen Testing performed by a third party)
  • Supporting the existing outsourced App developers with delivering on API requirements

Sensitive Data Access

The nature of financial services means developers need to access sensitive customer banking data during the development cycle. Therefore, to support the integration into Open Banking, I‑Finity were required to be vetted before access could be granted. Having previously worked in financial services developing custom software solutions, this was a well-known process and experience to I-Finity. Successful vetting provided I‑Finity the access needed for the integration development to fully support the customer in achieving their software goals.

The Results

The short-term development outcomes resulted in delivering an initial saving to the customer whereas the longer-term deliverables have provided the true benefits of cloud:

  • Achieving scalability and resilience has eliminated single points of failure
  • High availability is delivered with robust fail safe and disaster recovery plan
  • Operational efficiencies with actual cost savings by utilising only want you need to service demand
  • Reconfiguring Azure subscriptions delivered a monthly saving where subscription costs were reduced by 60%
  • Azure continues to deliver on the high security and compliance requirements which covers the product and I-Finity’s development methodology

How the Results Were Achieved?

A collaborative partnership has been possible due to both the customer and I-Finity’s transparent way of working, all supported with timely communications. The approach taken to effectively manage and deliver significant changes in phases resulted in successful deployments. This has led to I‑Finity being the trusted and credible technology partner for the customer. I-Finity's expert approach results in long term, flexible solutions.

Working in partnership I‑Finity continues to support the customer in delivering on their product roadmap and enabling their clients across the global to access a premium product. I‑Finity is extremely proud to be the development partner for this customer.

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