About Eat IT Drink IT

Eat IT Drink IT provide expert consultation, installation, support and servicing for the hospitality industry. They have been installing IT systems since 2006. Originally starting out as Smart PC Solutions based in Leeds, it grew to focus on the hospitality industry across the whole of the UK.

Why I‑Finity was approached 

Eat IT Drink IT approached I‑Finity to further enhance their initial website that was developed when the business was starting and establishing its identity. The growth of the business meant that the website needed to scale and support continuous updates that were easy to manage.

The launch of the initial website provided Managing Director, Cliff Gurdin, with the validation that the branding and its visual appeal was resonating well with his customer base. The next focus needed to be on the functionality and the performance of the website to deliver the optimal online experience.

With the technical expertise of I‑Finity, Eat IT Drink IT were hoping to achieve the following:

  • a solution that enabled both design and functionality to work seamlessly together
  • a highly performant website that delivered on page load speed times
  • a website that could be updated easily and quickly


Eatit Drinkit screens


Delivering on the requirements

I‑Finity redeveloped a new website using Umbraco CMS, this involved:

  • Redeveloping a fully responsive website to work across all screen sizes and modern web browsers
  • Rebuilding the User Interface (i.e. navigation, site structure, page design) without backend access to previous CMS
  • Planning for content migration from the previous site without any backend access
  • Incorporating and planning for the new areas into the content architecture 
  • Maintaining the branding look and feel within the new website
  • Creating new functionality/areas to promote customer successes and the full range of services 
  • Implementing Google analytics to start providing meaningful insights to track website activity
  • Hosting the new website on a dedicated server owned by Eat IT Drink IT to enable full control

A few words from the founder, “Under the wings of I‑Finity we can make changes very quickly and easily, all the functionality we need is catered for and the speed of the site is fantastic.”

Eat IT Drink IT installing Equipment

The Results

Our customer has been delivered a fully functional website that they are extremely satisfied with and has resolved all their previous challenges. The solution has provided them with a website platform that will continue to grow as the needs of their business evolves. It is a high-performance website providing their end customers with an optimal online experience and also provides search engines with strong content architecture to deliver positive SEO results.

"The quality of the site speaks volumes as we regularly receive excellent feedback from our clients and new customers often comment how they loved looking at the website before getting in touch.” 

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