Ciné Entreprise Ticketing System Integrations & Upgrades

Supporting the integration of Agility CMS Website into a Cinema Specific Ticketing Platform

  • Website is fully integrated into a Cinema platform that was on a previous version
  • A new version of the platform was available that provided additional beneficial functionality
  • An upgrade needed to be achieved without impacting customer service and experience
  • Access to our team and support to be available across time zone differences (EST and GMT)

Our Approach to a successful integration upgrade

  • Deploy a methodological approach in replicating the full environment and performing diagnostics through reviewing code and deploying a locally replicated instance
  • Typically explore and experiment in a safe (test) environment to breakdown any potential complexities and identify dependencies as well as technical risks.
  • Utilise our strong problem-solving skills and technical expertise to uncover breaking changes
  • Open and transparent way of working with our customers and their 3rd party partners
  • Communicate our findings with our customer and the platform provider for knowledge share and to achieve an agreed plan for the way forward


Successful Upgrades

The upgrade was deployed during the early hours of our morning when Cine Entreprise customers are offline. Post the initial upgrade we continue to provide further upgrades and delivering significant changes within the integration for improved automated processes and operational efficiencies.

We continue to provide ongoing support and enhancements between the website and the integration.

Technology Profile: