BJ Lighting Supplies Product Website

Umbraco website showcasing thousands of lighting products with onsite search and filterable by product specification details. I‑Finity designed the website to meet the client's specifications.

To support the transfer of substantial product content with all it’s detailed specification into Umbraco CMS, our customer placed all content within a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The process of placing this content into Umbraco CMS was then automated by a custom written script placing the content directly into Umbraco. This level of automation provided time savings and reduced the potential for human error.

It was important to have intuitive website navigation whilst also being able to present all the product ranges and options within the navigation. This was achieved by having the product name within the main navigation and a sub menu enabled the listing of product types.

The exact product names and key specification details were also important for search engine optimisation to support any visitor who is specifically searching for a particular product with specific dimensions to be able to directed to BJ Lighting Supplies.

Key functionality:

  • Product website showcasing exact specification details per product
  • Ability to filter products to refine results (Watt, Dimensions etc.) where all filters are specific to each product type
  • Trade Account with secure sign up and password management handled by Umbraco CMS
  • Created a secure Trade member area within the site
  • Authorised Trade Account user can request orders online at trade specific pricing
  • Comprehensive onsite search to support the extensive list of available lighting products

With Umbraco’s intuitive editing experience, it has been an easy learning curve for our customer to fully manage their website content.

Technology Profile: