Published Date: 07 May 2024

Umbraco is a popular content management system (CMS) that offers users exceptional flexibility, scalability and security features. Understanding Umbraco’s ecosystem, however, is a crucial task for users who wish to harness its full potential and effectively maintain their websites. Part of that is knowing which versions are still receiving support.

This article aims to provide clarity on Umbraco’s different release types and the support phases governing each version’s lifecycle.

We’ve created a timeline of current Umbraco versions and their corresponding support phases, which will allow users to make informed decisions about their platform and any next steps needed to ensure their systems remains up to date.

We’ll also discuss what to do next if your Umbraco version has reached – or will soon reach – End-of-Life status, ensuring you understand your options for maintaining a secure and functional website.


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Umbraco Release Types

Umbraco Support Phases

Umbraco Releases and Support Timeline


Umbraco Release Types

Umbraco is committed to maintaining its platform through regular, minor updates issued every six weeks. These minor releases focus on promptly delivering new features, functionality and improvements.

It’s important to note that these updates are never automatically pushed to live websites. This allows users to manage their own change process and roll out changes in their own time, ensuring it won’t break their website or application.

Significant changes that could potentially cause compatibility issues are reserved for new major releases. Currently, Umbraco releases major updates twice annually and these major releases are divided into two types: Standard Support and Long Term Support (LTS) releases.


Umbraco Standard-Term Support (STS)

Standard Support releases are regular Umbraco updates that introduce new features, enhancements and bug fixes. They keep the platform current with evolving technologies, address any potential security vulnerabilities and enhance user experience.

However, STS updates do not ensure backward compatibility with previous versions, requiring users to upgrade to access major new features and security patches.


Umbraco Long-Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support (LTS) releases are designed for users prioritising stability and predictability over frequent feature updates. These versions provide an extended support period compared to standard releases, typically spanning several years.

Umbraco LTS versions focus on critical bug fixes, security patches and performance enhancements, while also ensuring backward compatibility and platform stability. This allows existing installations to upgrade smoothly without major disruptions, offering users a consistent platform for an extended duration.


Umbraco Support Phases

Umbraco follows a structured support framework comprising three phases: Support, Security, and End of Life (EOL). Understanding these phases - and knowing which stage your current Umbraco version is in – is essential to guarantee the stability, security and functionality of your website or application.


1. The “Support” Phase

During the Support Phase, the software version receives regular attention and updates from the Umbraco development team.

This phase involves addressing bugs, providing technical assistance, and releasing updates to enhance functionality and user experience. Users can expect active support forums, updated documentation, and assistance from both the community and official Umbraco support channels.


2. The “Security” Phase

Once an Umbraco version transitions to the Security Phase, it means it has reached the end of its standard support period.

In this phase, the focus shifts to solely addressing security vulnerabilities and providing critical security patches. Non-security-related bug fixes or feature enhancements are generally not provided during this phase.

Users are strongly advised to upgrade to a more supported version to continue receiving comprehensive assistance and access to new features.


3. End of Life (EOL)

The End of Life (EOL) Phase signifies that the version is no longer actively supported or maintained by the Umbraco team. During this final phase, Umbraco do not release any further updates, bug fixes or security patches.

Users still relying on EOL versions are at risk of security vulnerabilities and may encounter compatibility issues with newer technologies.

I-Finity highly recommend that anyone using an EOL version of Umbraco should upgrade or migrate to a supported version to ensure their websites remain secure and compatible with evolving web standards.

Contact us today about your Umbraco upgrade project.


Umbraco Releases and Support Timeline

Version Release Type Release Date Support Phase Security Phase End-of-Life
Umbraco 7 N/A Nov 2013 N/A 31st July 2021 30th Sept 2023
Umbraco 8 N/A Feb 2019 N/A 24th Feb 2024 24th Feb 2025
Umbraco 9 STS Sept 2021 16th June 2022 16th Sept 2022 16th Dec 2022
Umbraco 10 LTS June 2022 1st Dec 2022 16th June 2024 16th June 2025
Umbraco 11 STS Dec 2022 29th June 2023 1st Sept 2023 1st Dec 2013
Umbraco 12 STS June 2023 14th Dec 2023 29th March 2024 29th June 2024
Umbraco 13 LTS Dec 2023 30th May 2023 14th Dec 2025 14th Dec 2026
Umbraco 14 STS May 2024      


Data source:

Umbraco latest version

The latest version of Umbraco is Umbraco 13. This LTS release was first introduced on 14th December 2023 and will enter the initial Support phase on 30th May 2024.


Current Umbraco versions in End-of-Life

  • Umbraco 11 – EOL as of 1st December 2023
  • Umbraco 7 – EOL as of 30th September 2023
  • Umbraco 9 – EOL as 16th December 2022


Next steps: how I-Finity can help

At I-Finity, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in managing Umbraco versions and navigating their lifecycle stages. Our team of experienced developers and consultants provides comprehensive support and guidance to businesses using Umbraco for their digital projects.

We can help you evaluate your options for managing Umbraco version transitions, including whether to upgrade your existing instance or rebuild your website or application from scratch.

Here are some ways I-Finity can support your system:


  • Umbraco Upgrade Assistance

If your Umbraco version is approaching End of Life (EOL) or you’re considering migrating to a Long-Term Support (LTS) version, our team can provide expert assistance throughout the upgrade process.

From evaluating compatibility and planning migration strategies to executing seamless upgrades, we’ll ensure a smooth transition while minimising disruptions to your operations.


  • Umbraco Migration Services

For businesses looking to migrate from legacy or unsupported CMS platforms to Umbraco, our migration services offer a tailored approach to transferring your content, data and functionality to the Umbraco ecosystem.

We can handle the entire migration process, ensuring data integrity, SEO preservation, and a seamless transition for your website or application.


  • Custom Development for Umbraco

Our team specialises in custom development solutions tailored to your unique business requirements. Whether you need custom plugins, extensions, integrations or bespoke features for your Umbraco-based project, we have the expertise to design, develop and deploy solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

Contact us today about your Umbraco project today.

Frequently Asked Questions

As of April 2024, the following Umbraco version are in End of Life:

  • Umbraco 11
  • Umbraco 7
  • Umbraco 9

The next Umbraco version due to enter EOL will be Umbraco 8 on 28th February 2025.

As of April 2024, Umbraco 8 is in the Security phase. This means it now only receives updates that address any potential security vulnerabilities. We strongly advise users with an Umbraco 8 website to begin planning their upgrade to a more supported version.

If your website is on an Umbraco version that has reached End of Life, you should consider upgrading to a supported version as soon as possible. Contact I-Finity today for guidance and a unique quote.

While technically possible, we do not recommend keeping your website on an Umbraco version that is EOL. Continuing to use an unsupported version exposes your website to security vulnerabilities and compatibility issues.

We strongly advise upgrading to a supported version to retain the integrity and security of your website.

Upgrading your website to a supported version of Umbraco offers several benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Access to security patches, bug fixes and new features
  • Improved performance
  • Compatibility with latest technologies

If you are building a brand new website, we recommend using the latest version of Umbraco. As of April 2024, this is Umbraco 13.

Plan for a timeframe ranging from several weeks to a few months to ensure thorough planning, testing and implementation of the upgrade. This timeline allows for meticulous attention to detail and ensures a seamless transition to the latest Umbraco version, minimising disruption to your website's functionality.

Engage with Umbraco experts who will guide and plan your upgrade path, review your current website and existing functionality and assess potential improvements that could be addressed in the upgrade. Start planning today to enable these discussions around improving user experience and how you could be benefiting from new capabilities/features available with newer Umbraco versions.