Published Date: 03 May 2022

Making your technology investments work harder

During a time of significant changes and challenges that have continued to evolve for the global Covid-19 pandemic, it may have become more difficult to plan and make timely decisions for your business. Your previous plans most likely will have changed or adapted, however one certainty is that doing nothing is not the solution. It may be time to rethink and reshape what makes sense for your business especially when it comes to looking at the role technology can play.

It is understandable that we place spending under strict scrutiny and the temptation not to spend can provide a false sense of security. Considered and value driven spending will enable businesses to remain relevant and operationally efficient.

For many, the use of virtual calls with Teams, Zoom, Skype etc. are now taking up our daily working lives. There is definitely further scope to explore how technology within business can be optimised and connected. It is important for businesses to run efficiently and provide their services/products to customers easily.

1 Are you getting the most of the technology you already have?



2 Have you reviewed your online channels? 

This includes websites, ecommerce sites, social media etc. do they allow you to be discovered and connected with your customers efficiently?


3 What small tweaks can bring significant value for a more positive connected online experience for



4    Are you confident your existing technology is set up efficiently? Are there savings to be achieved? Do you have the right levels of automation to reduce inefficient manual processes?



5  Do you know what manual time consuming tasks are taking place in your business? How much does this time cost?



6  At a time when everyone is more reliant on being online, are you doing enough to protect your business and customer data from security threats?

  • Measure the effectiveness of the technology they have invested in

  • Achieve optimal implementation for effective scale, resilience and business continuity

  • Often benefit from operational efficiencies such as cost and time savings

With that in mind let us explore some quick wins that may be feasible for your business:

 1  Your business infrastructure

Explore the use of cloud technology to connect your apps, services, communications and data in a secure, scalable and cost-effective way. Remove costs for hardware and management of physical hardware such as servers.

2  Your website

It is time for a review to assess where customers drop off and what can be optimised? Simply tweaking your contact forms, updating your navigation to making small user experience changes can bring instant benefits.


3  Your products/services

How easy is it for new customers to sign up? How easy is it to buy? Can the customer journey be improved?


4  Evaluating your business processes

Assessing what cost effective solutions are available to support simple integration from online payment systems to automating invoices.


 5  Do you have business continuity and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan?

Comprehensive plans will keep your business operational at all times.

It's never too late to plan

We partner with customers globally providing our technical expertise in creating short and long-term technology plans.  Access a team of experts in website design and development who will spend time upfront to learn about your processes and benefit from their technical problem-solving skills that achieve results.

Together let’s review how technology can support you today, tomorrow and in the future.