Published Date: 13 May 2022

As a software development agency we support customers with all their technical needs and offer a range of software development services. When it comes to supporting customers website requirements, all our sites as default come with a security certificate (SSL/TLS).

The reality of when you’re managing multiple domains:

  • each one will have its own SSL certificate
  • each site will have it’s own date for when the SSL certificate needs to be renewed
  • renewal on time is important to keep websites secure, protect the customers brand and to keep your customers fully satisfied
  • you need to plan and secure technical resource ahead of time to keep certificates renewed on time
  • managing more than 50+ sites can easily become a management headache and a lot of last minute renewals taking place

Making the process of tracking SSL Certificates automated and efficient:

Our technical team wanted a better way to efficiently plan for all the security certificates we look after. This meant no more:

  • calendar management with reminders
  • trying free sites that didn’t really offer a minimum viable product needed to support the process
  • manual spreadsheet management with all the key information you need for each certificate

Built by technical experts who also needed the solution

We built for:

  • anyone who manages security certificates across many domains
  • other software development agencies, web developers, digital agencies, IT Service businesses
  • anyone technical who is seeking a more efficient way to track SSL certificates and timely plan for when action is needed will enable you create a consolidated view of all the domains you manage SSL certificates for:

  • it is free to use with unlimited use – you can add as many domains as you need
  • simple to sign up
  • easy to get started - add your domain and will automatically pull in all the certificate information such as the thumbprint, issuer details, date of expiry and more
  • enjoy a visual dashboard that will list all your domains in order of when the next certificate is due clearly displayed using Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status
  • easily scan the health of your certificates along with a progress bar showing you the number of days remaining until renewal action is required


Technology Profile

I‑Finity have built using React with Azure Active Directory to ensure security, all hosted in Microsoft Azure. The complete solution provides full security compliance and protection, being a cloud solution it offers the requisite reliability and scalability.


Track, manage and check on the health of your SSL certificates:

If you’re seeking a more efficient way to manage your SSL certificate renewals then is for you!

Once you’re signed up and tracking, feel free to share any additional features you would like to see from on our feedback form. Let’s make the process of managing security certificates easy for us all.