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Software projects come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to us to develop in the most effective and efficient way. We switch between two main development methodologies to accommodate a wide range of requirements.

Agile Development Benefits

We typically work to an agile methodology, which means your software is built incrementally so you can follow the key stages of your build. Instead of waiting anxiously for a final delivery, you’ll have a much better understanding of how your solution will look, feel and perform before it becomes a finished product. These stages also help us to test as we go along, which means your software will have been continually tested prior to launch. Breaking down a software project this way means we can easily prioritise your key content and small changes can be applied with reduced impact on the overall delivery. Agile development is one of the fastest ways to build software, so you’ll be able to plan your software launch within a much shorter lead-time.

Visibility of your solution and input at key stages throughout the development

Ongoing, regular testing resulting in a smooth launch

Speedy delivery of your finished product using agile for a faster build

Waterfall Development Benefits

Ideally suited for larger structures, the Waterfall methodology follows a stringent process, documenting an agreed specification for the software build upfront. It works well in a larger structure because it documents everything for key stakeholders in the approval chain. The benefit of such an approach is that the specification stays true to the original project scope and everyone has sight of the end goal.

You may already have a development preference but if you’re unsure as to the best approach for your business, leave it to us, we’ll consult with you to recommend the best way forward. Give us a call to discuss.

Timescales are defined from the outset so that the development follows an agreed discipline

Project stays on budget removing diversions and creative input

The outcome is clear, delivery will match the scope exactly

Project Management Services

We understand that your time is precious and that’s why we offer a comprehensive project management service to keep every element of your project on track. We’ll expertly oversee third parties such as, photographers and copywriters and mitigate risk on your behalf. This gives you the freedom to choose your level of involvement. Through I-Finity you don’t need to be limited by resources or technical knowledge, we will be your expert partner throughout.

We work in harmony with our customers and as a result you’ll find us very adaptable. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll scope a project which works perfectly for you.

Frees you from overseeing every aspect of the project

Provides you with the expertise needed to create your solution

Ensures your project stays perfectly on track

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