I-Finity Land Manager

I-Finity Land Manager helps land managers in the mining and exploration industry to keep a track of their claims and maintain regulatory compliance. It centralizes the management of land to accurately track and understand claims, patents, leases, licenses of occupation, etc. The tools available within this product are for those in land management roles who benefit from workflow capabilities and business rules to expertly track activities to maintain critical land assets.

Key Features

I-Finity Land Manager suits the needs of junior, mid-tier and senior mining and exploration firms. It provides key features to support land management processes:

  • Centralizes land management and maintenance activities including data entry
  • Allows corporate and strategic grouping of land with Organizational Units
  • Workflows for regulatory process and automatic generation of MNDM forms
  • Reporting and alerting, to ensure you don’t miss renewal dates
  • System security protected with roles and permissions

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Cost efficiencies delivered by process workflows
  • Removes the complexity that comes with manual processes and tracking
  • Provides audit capability to track status of activities
  • Streamlines business processes to manage risk with land assets
  • Utilize industry best practises to drive operational improvements
  • Better sharing of information across all departments and organisations

Flexibility and Adaptability

I-Finity Land Manager is a Web-based solution that fully integrates Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, document management and stakeholder management along with a business rule and workflow engine to control jurisdiction-specific land related regulatory processes. Because of this flexibility, I-Finity Land Manager is easily adapted for specific jurisdictions and exploration and mining firms operating in those jurisdictions.

I-Finity Land Manager’s flexibility makes it adaptable to virtually any business operation where geography, stakeholders, and documents are an important consideration.

Cloud-based solution

I-Finity Land Manager is a Software as a Service (SaaS) product. SaaS is a type of Cloud computing that utilizes computing resources (both hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet. This approach provides an enterprise class solution for anyone who needs it. Other benefits of the SaaS model include:

  • No up-front consulting costs for scoping, piloting, configuration or customization
  • No additional hardware or software licenses to purchase
  • No annual maintenance fees or service level agreements of additional hardware or software
  • Inclusive and automatic enhancements and upgrades
  • No long term contracts to sign
  • Centralized web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time


Specifics concerning managing and tracking approvals and events critical to maintaining land assets vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. What really sets I-Finity Land Manager apart is its business rule and workflow capabilities that allow quick deployment for specific jurisdictions.

The current version of I-Finity Land Manager supports the jurisdictions of Ontario, Manitoba and the USA. Jurisdictions available in I-Finity Land Manager will continually grow and be driven by client needs.




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