Software-as-a-Service Products

White Menu

White Menu is a website service for Restaurants, Bars and Cafés. It enables restaurant owners to manage and customise their website without intervention from a professional web designer, and ensures their business is discoverable by new customers.

Initially launched as one of I-Finity’s own internal products, White Menu was fully architected, designed and built by us. We used C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Azure, HTML5 and jQuery, along with a number of external APIs for payments processing and domain management.

I-Finity Land Manager

I-Finity Land Manager

I-Finity Land Manager is a land management software product that enables the mining and exploration industry to save money by managing their land assets quickly and efficiently. It features auditing of core land data properties, map integration for easier visualisation, and PDF-generating workflows for compliance with government-defined land maintenance processes.

I-Finity Land Manager was designed, architected and developed by us using C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Azure and Bing Maps.

Web Accountants

Web Accountants

Web Accountants is an online accountancy firm that aims to streamline the accountancy process through cloud-based technology. The software allows customers to input their basic accounts data or import it from their online bank account, and the company’s accountants take over from there.

Web Accountants was architected and developed by I-Finity using C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Azure, and the WorldPay API.




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